Adapted Music Lessons
& Music Therapy


It is our belief at MUSIC ABILITY that music is a human experience that all people should have the opportunity to enjoy, regardless of need or limitation. Each individual is innately musical, and can successfully engage in music learning or expression with the right support.


Music is highly accessible, motivating, structured, emotive, and social, and it is strongly connected to language and communication. It can be used as a therapeutic tool to support people in accomplishing many physical, behavioural, emotional, social and communication goals.


If you or your loved one would like to learn to play music, or learn more about how music therapy can help you to reach your goals, please use our Contact page to get in touch. 


Lessons & Sessions held at

The Common Roof

165 Ferris Lane

Barrie, ON L4M 2Y1

Please use the Contact form to connect via email, or call 705-229-9095

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